Prairie Center

In the fall of 2008, The Friends of the Indian Boundary Prairies opened the Prairie Information and Learning Center at 15652 Homan Ave. in Markham IL. Our nature center is in a room generously lent for our use in the Markham Community Center. This building was formerly an elementary school and suits us well with shelving, chalkboards, bulletin boards, and even some desks and chairs.

Best of all is a bank of windows lining the west wall and giving us a fine view of Dropseed Prairie. Visitors can come to The Center, learn about the prairies, view the site from indoors, and then go out to experience it first-hand.

The Center is also stocked with games, puzzles, books, and equipment for outdoor study such as butterfly nets, insect cases, binoculars, and identification guides.

Information about the prairies as well as our newsletter are available free of charge to guests.

The Center open on weekends for special events such as Earth Day in April and National Public Lands Day in September. Schools and other interested groups may contact us for a special visit.
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